Community Fund

With your help we have now supported over 80 local projects helping hundreds more people from all ages become active! Every penny donated is re-invested into the local community making a huge difference in our quest to help build a healthy community.

New Forest Marathon 2020 will see £1 from every entry go straight to the New Forest Marathon Community Fund along with additional donations by runners when entering.


We’d love to hear from anyone interested in supporting the New Forest Marathon Community Fund to continue developing this great local charity.

What is the New Forest Community Fund?

In the last 36 years the New Forest Marathon has donated over £1.31 million to support over 120 local good causes and community groups from the New Forest area. To help this pot grow and to continue to support all the superb organisations that exist within the New Forest and surrounding area, we have set up the New Forest Marathon Community Fund.

Local groups or organisations can apply to the fund to help run projects that inspire any age to be physically active in the forest and surrounding area.

Who manages the fund? 

The New Forest Marathon Community Fund is an official charity registered by the Charity Commission for England and Wales. The charity is run by a small group of trustees with the aim to maximise funds raised, delivering these to a wide variety of community groups to inspire them to be active.

Why does the Community Fund have a focus on activity for 2021?

Inactivity and obesity are now recognised as the 4th biggest killerin the UK costing £27 billion and causing 37,000 deaths every year. It is estimated that 62% of the adult population of Hampshire is overweight and obese.

We’d love you to join us on our journey to make our community healthier. Your donations will help support local groups to run projects that inspire people to become more active.

How can you help?

We would love you to run to raise money for the Community Fund or simply lend a hand to help the many good causes and community groups across the New Forest and surrounding area. There are several ways of doing this:

Option 1

Runners are welcome to run for any charity they like. We acknowledge that many runners will have charities that are close to their hearts, if this is the case, we would be delighted if participants can donate the first £10 of their sponsorship to go to the fund. The best method for doing this is to use do so when signing up or directly at Virgin Money Giving.

Option 2

Run for the New Forest Marathon Community Fund and Raise at least £100 and you will receive your place for FREE! Choose from the Full, Half, 10k, 5k or Woodland Walk.

This offer is open to a limited number of runners.

To sign up simply download and follow the instructions on the document titled ‘NFMCF Form – Run for the Fund’ below:

NFMCF Form – Run for the Fund

Option 3

If you are not a runner you can help by volunteering at the event, please click on the volunteers/race crew tab under the ‘Race’ section of this website.

How can I donate?

We would very much appreciate any donations that you could make to the New Forest Marathon Community Fund. Your donations will make a huge difference to the local community.

You can donate at any time by clicking on the Virgin Money Giving logo below:


We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support in helping to make a difference in our local community.

How Can I apply to the Fund?

To request a grant application pack please email:

NB: Priority will be awarded to groups/organisations who have volunteered with the event.