The St Giles House Estate is an amazing and unique place and we’d like to do our bit to make sure it stays that way for generations to come. The UK Trail Running Festival Team is committed to being as environmentally conscious as possible here are some of the things we do to be green!


Raising awareness about The St Giles House Estate

We hope by running through St Giles House Estate you will see for yourself how stunning this rural location is and naturally respect it, but just to make sure you realise how special St Giles is we erect ‘St Giles Fact’ signs throughout the routes, so you might learn a thing or two during your run! We work with Lord Shaftesbury and all the team at St Giles House to ensure this information is accurate and reflects the message they want you to hear!


Containing rubbish at Drink Stations and wider course

We encourage all runners to drop their drinks bottles, High 5 energy gel wrappers/gummie wrappers on the floor inside the drink station zone, anyone seen dropping ANY rubbish outside these zones are disqualified. This allows the clean up teams to really focus on the area ensuring it is clean and that no harm comes to wildlife who will pass after the event.


Gel Packs

Our energy stations are stocked with High 5 energy gel and gummies to fuel your run. As part of our commitment to High 5 and protecting the planet we ensure these are separated from our standard waste and recycled accordingly.


Finish Line water in a plastic bottle!

Yes you heard it.. we do use plastic on the finish line..The water is sourced from New Forest Spring Water only a few miles away lowering our carbon footprint. The runners can refill their bottles all day long from free water points around our race village. BUT… there’s a BIG BUT… these bottles must be deposited into a special recycle bin so we can recycle them into long term objects used at the event. This year we hope to build a picnic bench! Plastic is an amazing material if it is used in the right way!


Carbon Footprint

Our equipment is sourced locally using New Forest companies where possible. The Race village takes about 7 days to build, we source electric vehicles from a local supplier, especially designed to leave minimal footprint from its tyres to help up with all the hard work!  We encourage car sharing where possible and also have our very own bicycle park for those wishing to cycle to the event.


Recycle Bins

We have special recycle bins through out the St Giles House Estate so we can deal with your rubbish properly! Sometimes its not what you use, its about what you do with is afterwards that has the biggest impact!



If anyone has any ideas how we can improve we’d love to hear from you.. This planet is special and the St Giles House Estate is a pocket of the world that is so unique. Anything we can do to make the event better and greener we will definitely investigate!